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This motor controller allows you to easily turn any standard 1-2ms RC signal into a spinning brushless gimbal motor! No coding or setup necessary, just plug and play.

This motor controller allows a single brushless gimbal motor to be controlled by any RC receiver channel (1-2ms PWM signal), much like you would control a standard RC servo or ESC. Brushless gimbal motors have very high positional accuracy like a servo, but are capable of higher speeds as well. The BGMC2 allows anyone to harness the unique properties of brushless gimbal motors for any application, opening up a new world of possibilities.

Brushless Gimbal Motor Technology

RoverTec brushless gimbal motor controller
The RoverTec BGMC2 is a new take on technology that has been used for the past several years in camera gimbals. Brushless gimbal motors are different than the typical brushless motor used to drive an airplane propeller, car drivetrain, etc. They are wound to have a very high resistance, allowing them to be driven in such a way that gives them precise positional control, within fractions of a degree! Unlike typical high-speed brushless motor controllers, the BGMC2 uses a PWM sin wave to drive the motor, enabling super smooth and precise motion. Brushless gimbal motors are driven much like a stepper motor, only they are lighter, faster, quieter and smoother.

Speed or Precision? See video below for help deciding:

BGMC2 Specs

  • Dimensions: 22x41x5mm
  • Weight: 12g
  • Max motor current: 2.5A
  • Max BEC output current: 1A
  • Power: 12V nominal (8V-16V max)

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