Dual DC motor controller with RC inputs
Dual DC motor controller with RC inputs
Dual DC motor controller with RC inputs
Tiny dual DC motor controller with RC input
Tiny dual DC motor controller with RC input
Dual DC motor controller with RC channel mixing


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Dual brushed-motor controller rated up to 3A peak, per motor! The ultra high power density and integration level of this controller frees up space inside your robot. Perfect for competition robots with its built in channel mixing, as it allows the driver to control a "tank-steering" vehicle with a single joystick or pistol grip radio.

The uDuo is designed for simple applications in which the user wants to quickly and easily control their robot with an RC radio and receiver. Plug the two servo leads into throttle and steering channels on your RC receiver, connect to your battery and two motors and you are done! The two RC input channels will be mixed within the controller, allowing them to work as throttle and steering.

Features include:

  • 32kHz switching speed for smooth, quiet operation
  • Four status LEDs clearly communicate the uDuo's status to the user
  • SafeStart - controller will not initiate if throttle or steering are not centered upon powering
  • Failsafe - if either RC input channel is lost during operation, uDuo will stop both motors and indicate an error
  • Bidirectional control
  • Built in mixing! Control your "tank-drive" robot with a single joystick, or pistol-grip radio
  • Over-current protection - the uDUO will shut down if it is being overloaded, saving itself from damage
  • 5V/250mA regulator powers your receiver or microcontroller
  • Additional power pads on the uDuo PCB allow it to function as a mini power distribution board
  • Flat underside allows the uDuo to be mounted with double-sided tape securely

Channel Mixing?
The uDUO was designed to be used with "tank-drive" (or "skid-steer") robots, so it has built in channel mixing, but what is that? Basically, instead of each channel controlling each motor independently, they work together so that a pair of RC channels can be used as steering and throttle, for a more intuitive driving experience. This eliminates a lot of setup and wiring needed in competitor setups!

 Usually a V-Tail Mixer is used to mix channels together for "tank-drive" robots, otherwise it must be done from within the RC radio menus. These setups either add complexity, weight and a mess of wiring, or require a high-end RC radio system. The uDUO keeps size and weight down to a minimum, and requires no special RC radio for operation. If you have a two channels, you have all that you need!

uDuo Specs

  • Input: 12V nominal (5V-16V max)
  • 5V Output: 250mA max
  • Dimensions: 25x21x3mm
  • Weight: ~7g
  • Max motor current: 3A burst

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